SHINee - Best Live Dance Performances (Reedited) (SHINee Vid #1 of 8) | My Station

SHINee - Best Live Dance Performances (Reedited) (SHINee Vid #1 of 8)

So, I think that almost all of my videos from last September to December have been taken down by that Korean tv station I despise. Since I have to redo these videos, it gets in the way of me making new ones. Sigh. For this video, I cut out one performance (not to mention slicing and dicing 2 other ones - only for copyright purposes), but I added two new performances. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this. Please remember to re-"like" and comment again for me. :) Oh, and I got tired of waiting for them to perform "Dazzlng Girl" live, so that be will in a future video. Probably next year.

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Songs Include:
1. Ring Ding Dong (Dance Break, Remix & Intro)
2. Replay / 누난 너무 예뻐 (With Boom Track Remix)
3. Run It
4. Juliette (With Remix and Dance Break / Intro) - (With 4Minute & SNSD / Girls' Generation) Sorry for the cutting. Blame that M company.
5. Boys on Top (BoA Cover of "Girls on Top")
6. Jo Jo / JoJo
7. Sorry, Sorry (Super Junior Cover)
8. A.Mi.Go (Amigo) / 아.미.고
9. We Are the Future (H.O.T. Cover) (Dance Battle)
10. SHINee World
11. Just Dance
12. Rising Sun (DBSK / TVXQ Cover)
13. Love Like Oxygen / Sanso Gateun Neo / 산소 같은 너
14. Do It Well
15. Lucifer (With Rock Remix, Dance Intro & Break, Extended Remix) (With Krystal & Luna of f(x))


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